Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: Divergent

Divergent (Divergent, #1)Divergent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

Since I'm so late in reading this book most of what I have to say has already been said (seems to be a trend lately)...

From beginning to end this book captured and held my attention (hence basically zero status updates along the way)

Beatrice/Tris - simple 16 year old girl from the Abnegation faction who chooses to transfer to the Dauntless faction during the Choosing Ceremony. Transferring from Abnegation, the faction where you are raised to be selfless and appreciate what you have (no matter how little it may be); where your appearance and attire are plain and simple (gray clothing, simple haircuts) to Dauntless, the faction where you must be brave and cowardless, where you will provide protection and the members are tattooed and pierced and wear black clothing has Tris frequently questioning whether she made the right decision or not. Doubting whether she can be brave enough to complete some of the tasks and activities the Dauntless partake in on a daily basis. But Tris is strong - she is brave - she is selfless. "Great things come in small packages" - Tris helps prove how true this statement is.

Four - *sigh* handsome 18 year old boy from Dauntless faction. He's a trainer for the Dauntless transfers and can be harsh and almost mean at times. But we get to see that has a vulnerable side as well. And we get to witness how sweet this boy can be with Tris and let me tell you, he'll have you swooning in no time :D

There are other characters throughout the story that are pretty amazing as well. They help show to what lengths each individual endures and how much they each of them can handle. Everyone has a breaking point and we witness how some reach theirs before others.

I'm grateful that I have the next book waiting for me to read because it didn't end with a huge cliffie per se, but it was left pretty open-ended... leaving me wanting more IMMEDIATELY!

If you like fast-paced dystopian books filled with action and some romance, then I definitely recommend this book.

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